Our Story

 JAPAN FOODS GARDEN, a brand new dining concept brought to Singapore by JP Square Pte Ltd. This is a first 

 Fully  Japanese cuisine "Food Court" concept in Singapore. We present to your the authentic Japanese's dishes with

 affordable pricing.

 We had 5 different brand in JAPAN FOODS GARDEN -



Gyu Tetsu Tokyo Teppanyaki,
a new dining concept that Japan Foods Garden

brought to customer. It motto is to allow customer to enjoy a “restaurant

standard“ kind of service but, at affordable pricing.

Apart from that, Gyu Tetsu Tokyo also brought in one of the popular trend of

dining in Japan, the “Lemon-Steak” as their signature dish.

CRAZY CURRY is a brand new brand founded by Japan Foods Garden. 

The word "CRAZY" is adapted by the taste of our curry. Which is insanely crazy

Hot. Unless your gastric is able to accept extreme spiciness. If not, please do not try.

However, in order to cater to different customer, we had came out varies level of
spiciness "100% to 5%" level of spiciness.  

BANZAIYA OBANZAI was first founded in 1849, named as “Souzai” in

Tokyo and “Okasu” in Kyoto. Later in 1964, it was renamed as Obanzai by a

newspaper in Kyoto. Currently Obanzai have 2 different versions in Kyoto.

One of the version where usually sold in high-end restaurant are called Kyo Ryori,

and these sold in small restaurant or family are called Obanzai.  

DOBURI GEN, the specialist of SOBA & DONBURI!

Soba, a very healthy food that founded by Japanese. It contains a lot of Rutin which

help to prevent high blood pressure & Stroke illness.

In Japan, to make a good Soba there are 3 main point to achieve; “Make it on the

spot”, “Cook it on the spot” and “Rinse it through cold water on the spot”.
In order to serve the best Soba to customer, Genki Japan had imported the

High-technology Soba machine to fulfill the 3 main point.
Tag along with their freshly made Tempura, Tendon and Kiasudon, It will give a you

a healthy and tasty meal of the day. 

Bear’s Curry Café & Bar, a concept restaurant that Japan Foods Garden had worked

with Suntory & Jim Bean.

Bear’s Curry serves authentic Japanese curry with Bear model rice. They have 2 different

levels of spiciness for their curry the normal curry & the Devil Curry.